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Ascorbic Acid is a Vitamin
Ascorbic Acid is derived from glucose, many animals can produce it by their body, but humans require it as a part of their nutrition. Ascorbic acid is one form of vitamin C. Ascorbic acid can combine with sodium, potassium, and calcium salts, they are usally used as antioxidant in our daily life. But where can we find natural Ascorbic Acid? Don worry, we can find it from many plants, fruits and animals. So our people can eat vegetables and fruit to get Ascorbic Acid.

Sometimes, we can not eat enough Ascorbic Acid from food for our body, So we should need industrial preparation of Ascorbic Acid. Industrial Ascorbic Acid produce need 5 steps with glucose as materials. We all know Ascorbic Acid is a important vitamins for our health and vitality.

Fooding is a Ascorbic Acid suppliers and manufacturers in China. The customers can email us to get know Ascorbic Acid detail informations, include the price, quality and others.

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