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Calcium Carbonate

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Calcium Carbonate, CAS# 471-34-1, also called ground calcium carbonate, is produced by natural superior calcite, which has high purity and whiteness. The size ranges from under 400 mesh which is called primary products, to 2000 mesh or above, depending on your requirement.

Fooding is a Calcium Carbonate Manufacturers, Suppliers and Wholesalers in China. You can inquiry Calcium Carbonate price by email us: info@chinafooding.com or leave message on the Fooding web. Fooding ensure you can buy Calcium Carbonate with a good price.

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Calcium Carbonate

  • E No:E170
  • CAS No:471-34-1
  • Einecs No:207-439-9
  • HS Code:28365000
  • Routine Packing:25 kg/bag
  • Place of origin:China
  • QC:Haccp, Kosher, Hala,Iso
  • Payment terms:T/T or L/C
  • Port of dispapch:Shanghai,Tianjin,Qingdao
  • Applications:Superfine ground calcium carbonate powder is the most important filler for the industrials of plastic, rubber, coating, paper making, building material, food, medicine and agricultural etc. It greatly cost down, also contribute to improve physical properties and there are more new trend for comprehensive applications in the new era.
  • Tel: +86-21-50321522
  • Fax: +86-21-51069122
  • Email: info@chinafooding.com
  • Product Information

    Product Description




    Heavy metal (in Pb) content


    Alkali metal and magnesium content


    Barium (Ba) Content Cluster


    Arsenic (As) content


    Drying reduction



    Chemical Name

    Calcium carbonate

    CAS NO




     Mnolecular formula


     Molecular weight





    White powder


    Food grade

    Melting point

    825 ℃

    Boiling point

    333.6 °C at 760mmHg

    Refractive index


    Flash point

    197 ℃



    Water soluble


    Storage conditions

    Stored in cold 

    Hazard class code


    Safety instructions


    HS code



    About Calcium Carbonate

    Product properties

    Calcium carbonat is pure calcium carbonate( CaCO3). It is widely used in petroleum and other industries as an ingredient in paper, plastic, rubber, paint, detergents, cosmetics, fertilizer, synthetic food for cattle.

    Product Applications

    1. In rubber manufacture: Calcium carbonate was the earliest filler used in the rubber industry. It can enlarge the capacity in the rubber products, for saving the cost. It also enhance the tensile strength, abrasion and tearing strength.

    2. Plastic manufacture: As the framwork in plastic products, keeping stablity of the products, strengthen the products, keeing surface smoothly. Since the calcium carbonate is hight white, it can place the expensive the white ployethylene, for whitening the plastic products.

    3. Paper making: Whitening the paper, and as the fller, can reducing the pulp, for saving the cost etc.

    References on Calcium Carbonate

    [1]. Corradini D, Coudert FX, Vuilleumier R. Carbon dioxide transport in molten calcium carbonate occurs through an oxo-Grotthuss mechanism via a pyrocarbonate anion. Nat Chem. 2016 May;8(5):454-60.

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    [3]. Wang C, Zhou C, Long Y, Cai H, Yin C, Yang Q, Xiao D. An enhanced chemiluminescence bioplatform by confining glucose oxidase in hollow calcium carbonate particles. Sci Rep. 2016 Apr 15;6:24490.

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    Support & FAQs

    1. What's your payment terms?

    T/T or LC.

    2. What's your delivery time?

    Usually we will arrange the shipment in 7 -15 days.

    3. How about the packing?

    Usually we provide the packing as 25 kg / bag or carton. Of course, if you have special requirements on them, we will according to you.

    4. How about the validity of the Calcium Carbonate?

    According to the Calcium Carbonate you ordered.

    5, What is the MOQ of Calcium Carbonate ?

    Different products have different MOQ, for Calcium Carbonate , the MOQ is 1000kg.

    6, What is the price of Calcium Carbonate ?

    Fooding has been corporate with many Calcium Carbonate manufacturers for several years, we can provide you with best price of Calcium Carbonate.

    7, How long shall we wait for your reply?

    We can guarantee to reply your inquiries of Calcium Carbonate in one working days.

    8. What documents you provide?

    Usually, we provide Commerical Invoice, Packing List, Bill of loading, COA , Health certificat and Origin certificate. If your markets have any special requirements, let us know.

    9. What is loading port?

    Usually is Shanghai or Qingdao.


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