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Stevia For UK Sweetener Market
Cargills Truvia business has announced the UK sweetener market has increased by 3.5 million pounds in 2012 - a 7% growth rate, in previous tablet market. According to the company, this increase was primarily due to the introduction of stevia sweetener, which the UK market since its launch in January 2012, has been responsible for 3.5 million pounds, up 80%. Recent new product development initiatives Truvia no calorie sweetener tablets and Truvia baking mix set to further accelerate the growth of the category.

As an ingredient, Truvia Stevia leaf extract is used in more than 50 global food and drinks, including Coca-Cola, Sprite and Glaceau Vitamin Water recently launched in the UK.
No-calorie sweetener Truvia was launched in 2008 in the United States, two sugar substitutes and SAS Cargill, growing more than 20% of the category.

Truvia business after a year of successful growth in Europe and North America, recently announced that it launched into the South American market in Venezuela. Truvia consumer electronic products will soon be able to buy the whole of North America (United States, Canada and Mexico), in addition to the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Venezuela.

"The UK market the Truvia sweetener marks a major step forward for the consumer to open up a whole new class of sweetness - no calories and sweetness, Truvia consumer products business director Mark Brooks said," From the leaves. "We have been very pleased in the past 12 months, we have to from British consumer response. It reflects the growing demand of consumers of products, taste good, there is no unnecessary calories."

The first year of this market, no-calorie sweetener Truvia £ 2013 kicked off a new 50,000 integrated marketing campaigns to promote the test and educate consumers. This year also saw the format of two new products, Truvia no calorie sweetener tablets and baking mix Truvia launched in the UK.

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