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Wolfberry is Goji

Wolfberry another name is goji. The fruit of Chinese wolfberry is the fruit of Chinese wolfberry medlar. The origin of Europe and southeast Asia. Chinese wolfberry species is deciduous woody perennials. Chinese wolfberry leaves in the form of fire or in an alternate arrangements or into a bundle of bundle three. Flowers grow in group 1 to 3 in axillae. Most of the commercial production of the fruit of Chinese wolfberry in ningxia hui autonomous region from the north and west of the xinjiang uygur autonomous region, where they are grown on plantations.

Is the celebration of every August the fruit of Chinese wolfberry in ningxia annual holiday falls harvest berries. For ningxia border merger three desert, wolfberry fruit also planting control water loss and soil erosion and recovery can be irrigated soil desertification. Chinese wolfberry imported to England from most countries outside Europe is illegal, because it may they may be vector disease attacks the nightshade family of plants such as potatoes and tomatoes.

According to the usual in open the box and small sell bags in dry form. As a food, dried, the fruit of Chinese wolfberry is a traditional cooked before consumption. All kinds of wine is the fruit of Chinese wolfberry also produce.

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